About Race

MACH2 Moorland Up and Running UDX, OM1, MXF

1/19/03 - 1/19/10

Race jumping at the Invitational

Race passed away in January, 2010. Three and a half months before her death she earned 3 Double Qs in 3 days at the Mississippi Mavericks agility, with 6 placements in a very competitve jump height class to finish her MACH2. In the last two months before her death, she qualified in agility in 6 out of 8 runs with 6 first places in trials in Atlanta, Lake Charles, and Pensacola.

In obedience, in the last three months of her life she earned 4 High-in-Trials (and 1 forfeit) out of Open B in 8 classes, and qualified in all 8 classes. In those same trials, she qualified in Utility in 5 out of 8 classes, with 1 first place, 3 placements, and 1 High-Combined. In her last weekend of obedience trials, she finished her UDX and OM1, and won a High-in-Trial with a 198. Two weeks later, she was diagnosed with lymphoma. She passed away three weeks after that on her 7th birthday.

Race's Accomplishments:

  • Finished MACH with over twice the number of speed points needed for the title. #1 Pointer in lifetime MACH points.
  • High-in-Trial in Agility at the American Pointer Club National Specialties in 2006 and 2008.
  • Qualified for the National Agility Championship for three years straight. In 2007 in her only appearance at Nationals, had 18 faults and finished 27th out of 90 dogs in the 24" Class.
  • Invited to the AKC Agility Invitational for three years straight. Competed in Finals in 2008 and placed 5th in the 24" Class.
  • #1 Agility Pointer 2006-2008
  • #1 Obedience Pointer 2007-2008
  • High-in-Trials in Obedience from all 3 classes
  • HIT and H/C at 2008 APC National Specialty

AKC Agility Invitational Finals
AKC Agility Invitational Finals

Jumping at Split On Dogwalk



Sitting in Heel Position Heeling

** Photo by Doghouse Arts