About Lily

OTCH The Merry Prankster UDX, TD, OA, OAJ, JC

5/90 - 3/7/03

CH Lily Utility 1993 Utility
New Champion 1996 * In Utility 1993 In Utility

Lily's Accomplishments:

  • Novice A to OTCH
  • 1st Greyhound, 4th Sighthound OTCH, 1st GH, 2nd Sighthound UDX
  • Dog World Award for Novice with a 198 average; DWA for 3 titles in one year
  • 9th Place in Novice at the 1993 Cycle Regional
  • 10th Place in Novice at the 1993 Cycle Classic, after winning a 5-way runoff
  • 1st Place Hound Group at the 1st AKC Obedience Invitational (1995)
  • 4th Place Hound Group at the 1996 AKC Obedience Invitational
  • 2nd Place Hound Group at the 1997 AKC Obedience Invitational
  • 4 High-in-Trials and 2 High-Combineds
  • 8th Place in the 24" Division of Agility at the 1998 Puperoni Classic
Practicing Agility Agility
Practicing Doing Agility 1999 8th Place; Agility 1998

Obedience Obedience
2nd Place; Obedience 1997 1st Place; Obedience 1995

Novice Novice
10th Place; Novice 1993 9th Place; Novice 1993

* Luis F. Sosa Photography